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Hi all, thanks for checking out my website. There are tons of images to look at. Let’s face it, isn’t that what you came to see. That’s why I don’t have a bunch of session information listed. If you contact me with your questions about a certain type of session I will send you the “stuff” you need to know. I offer so many different “looks” though my style is most definitely plain to see.

You may want to be photographed on location or at my magical cottage in Plymouth, Mass.  No matter where, I’ll be sure to make you feel comfy and relaxed. The most famous line photo pros hear is “I take terrible pictures”. My response, “Hey don’t worry, I’ll be taking them not you.” You may be a bit on edge when we first start but I guarantee you’ll feel like a million bucks by the time we’ve finished the session!

No matter if your needs are gorgeous images of your food for menus, corporate head shots, timeless family portraits or high school senior pictures I am sure to create the look you need and love.

Want to know about me?

Well, I started way back when in a little town called Hopewell Jct. New York. Yup, really, there IS a town called that. Assisting a terrific photographer (my mentor), Ed Towsley, at his place of business “The Country Studio”.

Went to Rhode Island School of Photography for a couple of years of intense training (oh and a whole lot of fun) and after graduating, went to work for Gainsboro Studio in Salem MA. I learned a lot about studio management and “life” and decided to move on and open my own place in Plymouth MA.

Green Photographers opened in Plymouth in 1979, then moved to Carver in 2004.  Today the studio is known as “Nancy Green Photography” and is in a magical Cottage near my home in Plymouth MA. The Cottage has beautiful gardens in season and is located near ponds and beaches. I mostly travel to you and either a spot we choose or right to your home.

Things I’m Proud of;
The moment I opened my studio I joined every professional photographic organization I could to learn more and stay educated with a changing profession. After many years I became a president of both Professional Photographers of Massachusetts and Professional Photographers of New England. In 1996 I received the PPA Master of Photography degree and followed in 1997 with my PPA Craftsman. I am a Certified Professional Photographer and a Professional Photographers of America approved Judge. I also have served as Chairman on several national committees at PPA. I think it’s clear I am dedicated to the betterment of our profession through the education of myself and others.

I received one of the highest honors given by my peers, the PPA National Award not once (From Massachusetts) but twice (From Vermont).
Image Competition is one of my favorite “sports”. I’ve been blessed to receive many honors such as Kodak Gallery, Fuji Masterpiece, PPAM Court of Honors, PPANE Court of Honors and other various awards for my images. Competition keeps you focused and on your toes in this profession. Competing in the Professional Photographers of America competitions is the best way to know where you stand amongst the crowd. It is the way to have other professionals honor your work or help you find its flaws. It keeps you growing and changing in the ever changing field of photography.

Yup, I got me some. Peter, my husband, is pretty darn awesome. He means the world to me and I don’t know where I would be without his support.
Hey, I also have some pretty nifty nieces, grand nieces & nephews, sisters, brothers in law and yup, parents. They keep me laughing and seeing why I do what I do. Family is everything.

Nancy Green Photographer Plymouth